Creativity Challenge Playground

A playground for all who are operating in creative fields in Vietnam to engage with each other and share knowledge and skills for collective growth.

Creativity Challenge Playground
Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design 2022


A. What is the Creativity Challenge Playground?

A pairing model which establishes the collaboration between two individuals/groups/organisations/businesses operating in at least two different creative fields for ideas, prototype production, or cultural and creative services.

It is expected to:
• Create a playground to connect, challenge and get the local Vietnamese talents to go beyond their creative capacity
• Level up the knowledge and skills relating to culture, arts and creativity
• Build up the capacity of cross-disciplinary project execution and management

The Creativity Committee will shortlist and form (maximum) five (05) pairs. Each pair is required to present their cultural and creative ideas which follow the topic of CHANGE for Sustainable Development. Their product/service prototypes will be showcased at the Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design in November 2022. During the selection process, a maximum of five (05) pairs with the most potential ideas will receive the support from the Festival’s Creative Committee and a budget of 50,000,000 VND for each pair from the Organisers. Pairs can also proactively call for funding from other sources if needed.


B. Participants

Individuals/groups/organisations/businesses in the creative industries regardless of age or nationality, with at least two (02) years of experience but not limited to the following fields in Vietnam:

• Craft & Folk Arts
• Film

• Literature

• Media Arts

• Music

• Creative education and training

• Creativity and urban development

Science & Technology
• Art for community
• Art in public spaces


C. Timeline & Activities (tentative)

Timeline Activity
18.07 – 07.08.2022 Open call for registration and profile submissions
08.08 – 12.08.2022 The committee to shortlist the registered profiles
16.08.2022 Press conference to announce the list of 5 pairs joining the Creativity Challenge
16.08 – 03.09.2022 Pairs to create the idea
19.08.2022 Pairs to join a compulsory workshop on the importance of communication and relating skills
06.09.2022 Pairs to present the ideas to the Creative Committee
07.09 – 11.10.2022 Pairs to produce the prototypes (completion: 70%)
10.09.2022 Pairs to attend the compulsory workshop on Copyright – Intellectual Property Rights
14.10.2022 Pairs to present the prototypes (completion: 70%) to the Committee
15.10 – 06.11.2022 Pairs to fully complete the prototypes and prepare for the showcases in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City
07.11 – 13.11.2022 Prototypes and materials from the collaboration process to be showcased alongside other public creative events and activities in the Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design 2022 in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City.


D. How to Register?

Participants can register in one of the two following ways:

a/Individual registration: to be paired with other participants by the Organisers. Participants agree to let Organisers pair them with other suitable individuals/groups/organisations/businesses.
b/Pair registration: participants can decide on their partner of choice then send in their application. 

Step 1: Prepare an e-copy (for example: image or scan file) of the identity card or passport (only the page with your personal information)

Step 2: Prepare your digital portfolio which includes:

• Your experience in the creative industries
• Your expertise and relevant skills
Other information to demonstrate: your creative knowledge and insights, creative capacity; your proactive participation and specific contributions (roles, tasks) in cultural, artistic and creative projects that was and is being executed.

Step 3: Brainstorm and summarise a creative idea in no more than 500 words (Vietnamese or English) about the topic: Change for Sustainable Development, which you would like to execute.

• Title of your idea/project
• What issue does your idea/project address?
How can your idea/project benefit yourself and your community?
What impacts (cultural, social or creative…) can your idea/project create?
What are the main activities in your idea/project?
What partner are you looking for to get paired with to implement this idea/project? Describe the partner you are looking for in your pair 

Step 4: Fill in and submit the online registration form here before 23:59 Sunday 07 August 2022 (please attach all the above information and other relevant documents to your registration form)


E. Criteria for Profile Selections 

1. Portfolio:

• At least 02 years of experience in the creative industries
Open and willing to join cross-disciplinary projects

• Experience/projects that can well present the candidate’s proactivity and specific contributions in previous tasks and projects.
• Candidates who demonstrate their creative capacity, good relevant knowledge, insights, and skills (especially technical) to execute the ideas are preferred
• Candidates who have skills related to project management (for example: activity planning, managing and following schedule, team management) are preferred.

• Candidates who are active in and understand the importance of communication.

2. Idea:

• The proposed idea must be original; has not been presented at any other event, activity, project or competition; and does not plagiarise any others.
• The idea must be cross-disciplinary

• Persuasive idea with high feasibility
Innovative idea
• Idea with the potential to create impact, especially to the creative community and the youth.


F. Other rules and regulations

1. The authors’ rights and ownership of ideas and prototypes belong to their respective pairs.
2. After the conclusion of Creativity Challenge Playground and Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design 2022, pairs have full rights to develop and showcase their ideas and prototypes at other events and activities with a credit to Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design for idea support.
3. Participants agree that the information in their application; photographs, other materials during the working process and prototypes may be used by VFCD Organisers for media and communication about the Playground and Festival.
4. The language used in the registration form can be Vietnamese or English. The selected ideas will be presented in bilingual Vietnamese – English.
5. The idea to participate in the Playground must not have been in any other events, activities, projects, or contests and have never been published. Contestants take full responsibility if there is evidence of intellectual property infringement.
Candidates registering for the Playground are understood to voluntarily agree to the full terms and conditions set out in this guideline.

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